A new spanking party

It’s always great to get news of a new spanking party and this one sounds GOOD. Wendy-Jane has re-started her parties at a new posh venue and the first event is on Thursday the 3rd of April 2008. Noon arrival, proceedings to start; 1.00 pm through until 5.00 pm with mid point refreshments. These are the details provided to us: 

Venue; Large private house in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham with ample parking/Train station/Motorway access, theme is to be Easter behavioural revue, with a full board of Governors in attendance. Point of exercise; To hear all of none acceptable reports, those accused in attendance, full school uniform mandatory.Outcome; Reprimand or if considered serious enough varying degrees of Corporal Punishment to be administered. The first part is to hear of all misdemeanours then judicial revue and any/all actions noted to be then taken. The girls’ are fully aware that no amount of complaining is going to lessen the verdict, if anything possibly making it worse for them. A full range of equipment and appropriate spanking furniture will be there for Governors full use. However the embarrassment of a senior girl going over a Governors lap often has a stoic effect on the girl, when applied! A mid session buffet will be provided and the girls will serve all governors personally, another punishment for them to consider whilst their bottoms cool down, but only for a while! The more serious aspects will be dealt with once all are rested and refreshed, this is the senior cane time, and all girls again are aware of their presence today for this very reason, short, sharp, shock and instant justice.

For fees and other details please contact Wendy-Jane 

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