To find a spanking partner

Where do you find willing ladies who love to have their bottoms spanked? Where do we find ladies who NEED to have their bottoms spanked? These are the problems that have beset spankers throughout the ages. We can no longer get them by the hair and drag them off to our cave, turn them over a pile of stones and spank them with a dinosaur bone, not the done thing! They no longer get turned over the heads knee at school, knickers stretched tight over pert bottoms for a resounding spanking or a few strokes of the cane. The funny thing is there are loads of ladies out there who crave this, who search for the right man to administer the spanking and take care of the tears afterwards. So, where to meet. There is no easy answer and if I find out the ultimate answer I certainly won’t be telling you, not till I’m all spanked out anyway. The best we can do is offer two places I know will come in handy. The first is a spanking free advert site, it’s great to have something free as well. Next is a spanking models site, try this one.These are good places to start, let us know how you get on and we wish you luck.

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