Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar

We thought we would have a day out at the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar, not been for a long time and we were in need of some new spanking kit for our loved ones. I suppose that since the government banned smoking in public places we have to say that the atmosphere has improved at the venue and you can now see across the rooms without looking through a blanket of smoke and coming out stinking like an old ash tray. That said nothing else has improved.
The food is about as basic as you can get and would not even be served in a lowly greasy spoon, the tea was not bad but that’s hard to fuck up! I know it’s the midlands and everyone is supposed to be tough and working class up there but has no one ever thought that not everyone wants to eat a fried breakfast or various parts of. How about some decent sandwiches, a bit of butter on the ‘baps’, a proper cup of coffee, maybe some cakes or biscuits.
The prices of some of the leather work, paddles, whips and other accoutrements are not keeping pace with what can be obtained on line. We recently brought some great paddles from the maker in Scotland at very reasonable prices and so were surprised to see very similar but not quite as good articles on sale in Birmingham for quite a bit more. There did not seem to be a specialist supplier of good quality canes or maybe we are a bit picky about the canes we use on our loved ones bottoms, better to be picky than picking the bamboo out of her reddened bum.

OK so what’s good about it? Well there is nowhere else in the midlands that offer the range of stalls available there, the rubber and leather gear, clothing, does not seem to be too bad with some quite innovative designs for those more into the ‘Goth’ scene. Some quite good leather restraints, hoods blindfolds etc. but very expensive. We poor spankers are a little left behind; it would be nice to see some more refined spanking benches, a better range of canes and reasonably priced paddles. Maybe some suppliers of school equipment, some good uniform suppliers, school, nurses etc.
This has turned into a bit of a grump but it had to be that way and the people involved need to raise their game a bit, there are now so many places on line where all this kit can be obtained that soon the only reason for going will be to parade of your latest slave or clothing. Oh! Be sure to wipe your feet on the way out we found ours sticking to the carpets.

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