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We previously posted some caning updates and some great pictures but did neglect to feature any men being caned, well so as not to be accused of discrimination we would like to make redress and publish this from Kodders blog  It’s pretty strong stuff but I understand that Sarah has no problem finding men who want to be dealt with in this way and, well why not? She has a fascinating site here and it’s packed with very good, well thought out sequences and with some lucky guys who obviously adore her. Thanks must go to Kodders who runs a good, informative blog and keeps it well updated. Please send me details of your blog and I will review it here.


Welcome back James to Sarah Spanks Men. Well it’s been a while, over a year in fact since James was last at the site and what better way to welcome him back in Sarah Stern style especially after Sarah checked and realised James has never received a cold caning on camera, which has given Sarah the perfect opportunity to deliver a severe cold caning on the bare bottom which will be a first for James. Next to chocolate this is one of Sarah’s most favourite things ever.

Sarah has chosen a cane which is fast becoming one on her more favoured heavier thuddy implements. it’s a Reformatory Kooboo Rattan 83cms in length and 12 mm in width with a straight handle. It’s a wonderful choice for this first time cold caning as demonstrated beautifully by Sarah as she begins to deliver the hardest strokes to James’s naked bottom. He really is feeling these strokes.

After ten strokes or so James’s bottom is turning a lovely shade of red. Sarah delivers the next three strokes in succession which makes James catch his breath, Sarah has a little chuckle to herself.

Sarah describes how wonderful caning is and how much enjoyment she gets from delivering a caning because we the subbies enjoy it so much too. I (Kodders) am in total agreement. I adore the cane and I adore the challenge of a cold caning and being caned by Sarah is one of the most amazing, challenging, fulfilling experiences. If you haven’t tried it, but you’ve thought about it, you must do it as soon as possible so you too can feel this utter satisfaction of total submission for everybody’s pleasure.

Went off on a slight tangent there, let’s get back to this wonderful scene.  Sarah continues her wonderful cane strokes towards the end of the scene there are more flurries of three, four and five strokes in very quick succession.

For the record as Sarah was curious as to how many strokes, not counting the lesser cane taps about half way through the films, Sarah delivered a total of 80 of the hardest and most wonderful cane strokes during this awesome cold caning scene. Hats off to both James and Sarah, a wonderful cold caning, and thank you both for a truly remarkable and enjoyable punishment film, and Sarah, you look absolutely amazing in your beautiful black lingerie, no wonder you have such a long line of willing male bottoms waiting to go over your spanking bench.


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