Best British Spanking

I always love to see a new site come out and especially when it is a really cheap membership one.

The last new one I looked at was Caned On Line and as the name says it is devoted just to caning films and this had a very cheap membership. There is now a sister site to this called Best British Spanking and once again it does just what the name says, well almost. Here you will get to see just about all kinds of spankings and punishment films except caning films. Makes sense I guess!

It has only opened this week and you can get membership for as little as around £8 per month. Now that is not bad considering the quality of the films and pictures. There will be a new update every week, so that’s at least one new film every week.

Most of the films will come from other sites within the Strand Media group but there will also be some exclusive content. The film running times go from the usual around 10 mins and run up as far as 62 mins for the compilations. These compilations are on genre or on a particular lady and I think are great as an update.

I have had a look through the content there so far and I do see some old favorites, a couple of what I would say are classic films and then there are some which are totally new to me. For the price of the membership I really do not expect to get new films every week, but there are just so many good films available that there will always be something I dont know and have not seen.

So get along and have a look at this site, it’s clean in design, well put together and it gives you just what it says. All of the films are MP4 full size and there is a new free clip on the first page every week.  I have posted some of the UPDate views from the site, to see them full size just click on them.

If you have a site you want promoting here just get in touch with me here. 

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