The new girl

It’s early morning and Spanking Sarah and her crew are setting up for another days filming. Nothing new about that you may say but they are filming a new girl who has never made a spanking film before. This is always a bit of a tense time, will she turn up and when she gets there and sits down and has all the procedures explained will she want to go ahead with the shoot? All questions that will soon be answered.

A knock at the door a lot of loud barking and a lovely young lady, smiling and looking very happy is standing with a large suitcase being greeted by Sara’s three dogs. Welcome to Cherry English and what a young beauty she is. She soon makes friends with everyone and although nervous is absolutely ready and more than willing to get on with the shoot. Sarah explains that they will be making four films that day, all will be complete stories and will involve spanking, paddling and the cane. How does she feel about that? Well she is more than happy. She explains that she is rather submissive by nature and does quite like to have her bottom spanked, so that, as far as the crew are concerned is great news. 

She goes off to get made up and dressed for her first film, everyone is over the moon with this young beauty, in fact she does look young and so Sarah has already checked her ID and is more than happy. “In the film business ” Remington Steel, Sarah’s husband and photographer explains, “you can’t be to careful, we always check ID’s before shooting and we also have a chat with our models, we want to make sure that they are doing the work of their own free will and are happy so to do”.  “The spanking film business is just like any other, most people we meet up with are really nice but there are some not so nice people out there, we really do not want to be involved with this kind. We have been working with some of our models now for over 15 years, we may only see them once or twice a year but we do like to bring back girls that our members really like or who we think are just great for the web sites”.

“We do have a number of different web sites and so we need all different types of people, not just young girls. We love to meet the more mature ladies who just love to be spanked or who maybe want to take a plunge and do something they have maybe thought about over the years. We get husbands contacting us and asking if their wives can come along, the answer is always the same, get your wife to contact us and if she is suitable and happy to do the work then we would love to have her. We have ladies of all types, slim fit and trim and others who are mature, sexy, and despite the years still lovely and very happy to step outside their comfort zone and take on a new challenge”.

” I don’t want to sound like it’s easier for the younger ones, it is never easy when you are going out and maybe for the very first time doing something so very personal in front of perfect strangers, I just have the greatest admiration for these girls, could I do it No! But then I would not employ me as a model…”

Cherry is back and Rem is off to start the filming, this will be a story about a girl who is trying to sell her Aunts very expensive teddy bear collection. She of course gets found out and has to be suitably punished. That involves going over Sarah’s knees for what I thought was a very hard and thorough spanking.  The second film goes along the same lines and just develops the story, this time Cherry is punished with a rather nasty slipper. Now I’m not sure if a slipper can hurt ones bottom, Sarah did offer to demonstrate on me but I thought that maybe I could manage without finding out. It did look pretty painful to me but Cherry seemed to quite like it!

After a break for teas and café it was all change, new costumes new story and different implements including a leather paddle and a nasty looking cane. Cherry took a really hard caning, her bottom was marked, did she mind? No she was rather proud of her marks and new that she would have a reminder of her first day of spanking filming. Would she come back “Yes certainly” said Cherry English.

Cherry’s first film will be out on Sarah’s Site from the 12th June  but you can buy it right now from Sarah’s Film site   where you can also see a free clip.

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