Is spanking fun? Well that obviously depends on   (1 Did you want it   (2Did you deserve it   (3 Do you like it   (4 Did you have a choice   (5 Is it your chosen way to spend a Saturday evening. Well they are just a few reasons why it may or may not be fun for you. As a giver of spankings I always find it fun, if it’s being given as a punishment, well that’s great, if it’s part of a sexy kinky evening, well that’s great and if I get called in to spank bottoms on peoples films well…Yes you get the idea. That’s great as well.

These days we need to have something to make us smile, to inject a little fun into the spanking world so I started looking around and discovered Spankart a rather clever concept executed by a nifty photoshop jockey and all round good egg called Kodders. This guy is getting quite a name for himself in the spanking business, he’s inventive, funny and knows that a good laugh is the best medicine when you’re feeling a little low, he also appears in a number of films on Sarah Spanks Men.

I thought that you might like to see some of his work, not all is terribly politically correct so if you get offended, too bad. Those of us who are in the spanking scene will recognize some of the situations and people and I just hope you can enjoy them in the spirit Kodders created them.

Oh, and have a very happy Christmas from us all at Spanking News. Please try to publicize our News Blog, take our RSS FEED as there is a more serious side to what we are trying to do. We do take comments on the blog so if you wish please leave them.

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