Attending the shoot

Yesterday I was privileged to get a look at a shoot for a new series to run on Spanking Sarah web site. “This”  said Sarah, “is a rehash of a series we used to do based on St. Justs Academy for girls, we have now brought it up to date and it will be an academy for girls and boys.

As we are no longer able to punish the pupils, something to do with political correctness we have decided to punish the parents of the children who then can instil into their young monsters the ethos of good behaviour and the value of hard work, application and the need to study”.

Well the shoot was very interesting and the star for the day was the amazing Amelia Jane Rutherford, this is one stunning lady and it was a privilege to get to meet her on the set and I am able to reproduce just a few still here today and I am hoping that the series will be a success for Sarah.

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