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If you value your freedom of expression and the freedom of the internet then you should seriously look at what the British government has planed for you. They are going to stop you looking at your favourite adult web sites unless you pass to them some of your most sensitive details and information and we know just how much we can trust the government to keep a secret. Please take the time to sign this petition and get all your friends to sign it as well.

So far it has a pitiful amount of signatures, is this really a measure of how concerned the kink community and the vanilla community is about the total loss of freedom. Your freedom of choice must be worth the small effort it takes to sign and to pass on this information via Facebook and twitter.

The Digital Economy Bill has passed its third reading in the Commons. It includes measures to force Internet Service Providers to block pornographic websites which don’t verify the age of users via intrusive means, and to censor legal content depicting sexual acts classified “non-conventional”.


This amounts to intrusive and dangerous State censorship of legal content online.

While the Government may claim that the aim is solely to protect children from viewing adult content, the reality is that these measures are unnecessary – when ISPs already provide optional filters for such content, bring severe privacy risks, and establish the precedent and framework to allow the Government to censor legal online content of which it simply does not approve.

These measures must be rejected so please follow this link and sign now.


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