Some facts about banning porn

What do you think of our politicians.

UK’s EX Prime Minister David Cameron said he was going to block all online pornography, have a look at him on the BBC News   This means that every household in Britain connected to the internet will be obliged to declare whether they want to maintain access to online pornography.

Digging deeper into the subject you find out three things: firstly, how much of the UK’s web traffic is affected by the ‘corroding influence’ of pornography; secondly, see how the UK compares to other countries when it comes to adult content; and finally, understand what’s the demand for online pornography in the UK.

Porn Traffic is Bigger than all Social Networks Combined

An analysis was done of the UK’s web traffic in June 2013 and looked at by category, finding that an astonishing 8.50% of the UK’s web traffic in June 2013 took place in adult sites. To put this in context, traffic across all social networks combined accounted for 7.30% of the UK’s web traffic in June and Shopping for 6.06%.

So porn is big on the web

Only two categories surpass porn in terms of traffic volume – Search Engines and Arts & Entertainment (thanks to YouTube) which accounted for 15.65% and 9.59% of the UK’s web traffic in June.

UK porn consumption above worldwide average, but Germans take the crown

The Worldwide average share of adult traffic is 7.65%, nearly a point below UK (8.50%). Interestingly, Ireland also consumes less adult content than the UK and it’s slightly below the global average with 7.45% share of adult traffic. Stereotypes are bad but Germans take the crown when it comes to porn consumption – 12.47% of their traffic takes place on adult sites

 Searching For Porn

The fact is that most of the time people don’t just stumble upon adult content. When analysing Google UK’s outgoing traffic over the past 3 months, we see that 8.19% of searches led to Adult websites. What’s more,  the Top 20 sites receiving traffic from Google UK (list below) and 5 out this Top 20 sites are adult. is the biggest winner of Google traffic and even made it to the Top 10. Over 1% of Google UK’s outgoing traffic ended up in Pornhub – that is a lot of traffic! AND IT’s A PIRATE SITE given prominence by Google.

Food For Thought

Porn is a big part of the internet. Not just in the UK but around the globe. Filtering porn sites is not an easy job yet it ultimately comes down to what people search for and what they want to see. The quick and easy access to pornography is indeed a phenomenon that the internet accelerated, but we live in a multi-device society and when there’s a will there’s a way. When people started setting up Wi-Fi networks in their homes, neighbors often “borrowed” their internet connection – soon, the favorite neighbor on the block might be the one that ‘opts in’.

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