Why I like shopping

REDSTRIPE FILMS seem to be going from strength to strength with their mixture of sex and spanking featuring the more mature ladies. When this site first started we were not sure that the mix would work or that there would be enough peoplMature wife over the knee spankinge out there who wanted to see mature, homely ladies being spanked and otherwise punished. It appears that you do and you seem to love the mix of very hard sex and some real tough punishments in the no nonsense films they are featuring. This site just does not follow the usual run of the mill stream of sites, no young schoolgirl types, no real school scenarios to speak of but the accent is on the domestic scene and the office or other identifiable environment featuring good looking, attractive and very sexy ladies.

I am one of those strange men who love shopping, Why? Well I have to admit to liking the mature ladies and this is the best place to see them and to have my secret thought about there private lives. Does that lovely housewife bending over the frozen fish counter bend over the arm of the sitting room chair for a spanking, does that Mum telling off some screeching kid stand in the corner, eyes down as she gets a dressing down prior to going over the knee for a meeting with the large fish slice from the kitchen…You see where this gets you, yes loads of time wasted at the supermarket and a very active imagination and, thanks to REDSTRIPE FILMS I can now see these ladies doing just the things I think about. Aint life grand!  Rob Bryce

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