Something for nothing in the spanking world

Thanks to Best British Spanking for this post:
Well I never give up looking for something that is good, free and worth having in the spanking world, well that’s the only world I live in! At last I have found something that comes pretty close. I have reviewed Caned On Line on here previously, its a very new site featuring only caning scenes from across several sites.

It, was always quite cheap to join, well, very cheap really but now there is a way to get a free membership. If you join English Spankers or Spanking Sarah, you can if you wish claim a free membership to Caned On Line. Now I think that’s pretty amazing and the only time I have seen a genuine free offer of this type.

You can get this offer from any of the websites above or from Strand Video so I don’t know how long it will last so get along and take advantage of this very generous offer.

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