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Sarah from Sexy SpankingHas anyone noticed the proliferation of spanking blogs? This seems to be the new way of communicating within the spanking community. Everyone who has the slightest idea of how to operate at even the most basic level should be able to find out there some blog software that gives them all the facilities they want and which they can master.

So what is the result of all this enthusiasm to get out there and be seen? As you might expect and as has become common place on the internet there is a load of dross, even it has to be said, mindless dross. So how do you find a good spanking blog, where do you look? It’s not easy; yes you can Google spanking blogs and you will get around 2,000000 replies but take it from a seasoned blogger the great majority of these are just not worth the effort and many of them will just be an insult to your intelligence.
There will be others which it is obvious have only been updated on a very occasional basis, yes I know you can say that of this news site but if you don’t give us the news we are not going out there to find it unless it is really interesting and something we can’t miss. We are a non profit making side line for a few mad spankos.

Another way maybe to find a good spanking blog you like and follow the links from there. One I like is Sexy Spanking; I like this because it is a personality blog, run by the young lady herself and not by or on behalf of some huge marketing machine. She has taken the time to look at loads of blogs from all over the world and has created some interesting links. Take the time to follow some, and you will soon find something that appeals to you.
Once you find some interesting blogs then follow the links from these and hey presto you are now in the spanking blogosphere and may the gods of all spankers look down on and guide you through the mass of material available to you. Another blog you may like to take a look at is The Cherry Red Report  Run by a US based spank lover called Dave you will always find new and interesting material, some a little quirky but always well illustrated and relevant.
A favourite of our office slave is  The Spanking Spot and we have to say we do agree with her, interesting and run by a guy who so obviously loves spanking and all associated with it. A real good feeling comes out of this blog, we need more like this.

Anyway, that’s just a starter pack of some good blogs, you will notice as you go around that some of the blogs have sadly become little more than adverts for the larger spanking companies, everything you click on will take you to a pay site, well that’s understandable, everyone needs to earn a little extra these days. One we like is Best British Spanking so if you like the look of what’s on offer and if you want to support a good blog the click a few links, you may find something you like and don’t mind spending a few hard earned pence on.

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