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Sandy at redstripefilmsA little note in this morning from Sandy at redstripe films. Why has she not been featured lately, well the answer is easy, you have to contact us Sandy. Now that you have done we have been and had a good look at the recent up dates and have to say that you are certainly doing very well with the site. The last few updates have featured a really good mix of films with some top line mature ladies being well disciplined. My own favourite was housewife Annie, you should try to get some more films with her, she took just the most amazing caning from her husband that we have seen in a long while. The double caning session with the ladies in what looked like an up market hotel was also a big turn on and so it goes. As we say, give us the news and we will put it here, we get over 10,000 hits a day now and so why not take the time to contact us. That goes for all spanking fans and web masters.

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  • Dear Miss Sandy: I love you, and Miss Allison alot, and all of your pictures.Keep up the big smiles and good work. Your movies help me out alot. I work at a nearby high school, and I help this girl with her homework, and afterward,we watch your movies before her mom gets home from work, and spank eachother for fun. Thanx Ms. Sandy.

  • admin

    It’s easy, join and cacell after joining, your membership will run for the month as long as your subscription is paid

  • mike

    It was my understanding that I could join Red Stripe Films for a month but trying to sign up I find that there is no place I can sign for only a month, it is only recurring month after month. I may want to keep it month after month but at the beginning I only want to try for a month.
    Thank you

  • markiee

    She also looks to be big enough and strong enough to turn the tables and take her husband across her knee for a bare bottomed spanking as well.

  • markiee

    It looks like she enjoys a good loving bare bottom spanking.

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