Social networking seems to be all the rage at the moment, face book seems the most popular but there are loads of other vanilla sites where you can post all your personal and intimate details and hope to meet like minded people or at least to have some interaction with them.

There are a number of sites associated with the fetish scene and a new one has just come on line primarily aimed at all of us with the wider fetish community, not just the spanking lovers. The World Fetish Forum is still in the early stages and design work is still ongoing but this can be a good time to join the community, make yourself known and as an early member get more uploading space for yourself. As with all such sites this is a free experience, too few of those I say!


We have to acknowledge that there is now more of a cross over between spanking, CP, S&M Bondage and some of the more esoteric kinks, witness the rise of the sex and spanking sites mentioned in previous articles. That it’s a good thing can’t be argued, it is always good to meet new people and get a new slant on something we all love, maybe in chatting to others we do decide to try out new things, to widen our experiences and to maybe help us in meeting new people.

Whatever our motives for joining such sites, it can be as basic as just going to look at the pictures or the videos, I for one have seen some real eye openers since I began surfing these sites. Anyway, take a look at the http://www.worldfetishforum/ you do have to join to see inside but as I say its free and it is a good way to meet others who like just what you like, oh, they have a great live chat facility as well.

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