Are SpankingOnline failing?

I was somewhat surprised today to see on a spanking forum that SOL Digital services Ltd, the owners of the SpankingOnline empire had gone into receivership!

I could not believe it so I did some checking and it is true!

One of the casualties of this has been the producers of the Strictly English spanking films who had a marketing deal with SOL Digital whereby SOL sold their films online via their web site. It seems that Strictly English were not paid for nearly a years sales!

The owner of Strictly English posted on the forum:

“A few months ago Spanking Online (who operate told me they were going into liquidation, which would effectively wipe out any debts they had including what they owed to Strictly English (about a years worth of subscriptions to

I offered to work with their new set-up but I’ve never heard back from them again. I was about to serve them with a long overdue DMCA, but now I don’t need to as they have done the decent thing at last & taken the site down.

I’m sorry for all the fans of Strictly English who supported the site but as none of the revenue was coming back to Strictly English the situation could not continue.”

I find what appears to be a cynical  defrauding of a fellow quality film producer a reprehensible act by SOL Digital. I only hope Strictly English can survive this financial meltdown.

What I would like to know is, how can what appears to be one of the largest spanking site empires get into such financial difficulties? How long did they know they were in trouble? Why if they are in receivership do their sites now say they are based in Denmark and are still trading? Are they going to honour their bad debts?

And finally, how can Dino and Peppe, the owners of Sol Digital, sleep at night after shafting Strictly English?

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2 comments to Are SpankingOnline failing?

  • JN4sty

    From what I know they are sharks of the highest order, avoid ther sites at all costs and dont give them any income and spred the word, they are thiefs who dont give a shit about others even when they have their stupid annual offers. who would lock in ther customers on those prices unless they are planning something? are they trying to get as much as they can before they disappear? I fully expect the “empire” of sites to offer even more ludicrous watered down crap offering the same tired shit. I cant wait to see there new Xmas Offers end of August. they get earlier and more desperate every year from what i remember they are only 2 brothers and very few hapless people they keep close through debt, mebbe less now after they stiffed everyone last year. I hope they burn. jerks

  • Spanking Fanatic

    It does seem strange that a company that professes to be one of the largest spanking film producers have had to resort to tactics more reminiscent of those of Robert Maxwell.

    Dino Spadone, the owner of SpankingOnline has professed on another forum that SOL Digital Services did not necessarily own the SpankingOnline site.

    This is disingenuous in the least as for years he has used the SOL Digital offices in York to film, produce and edit material for all the sites he now claims SOL did not own! I can only presume therefore that Dino owns the sites personally.

    The only conclusion I can make of this is that he set up SOL Digital Services Ltd solely as a shell company so as to give a veneer of legitimacy to their activities and trade off the name and reputation of the sites whilst ensuring that he could dump bad debts (including those legitimately owed to Strictly English) and then continue trading without interruption.

    I hope that this thread gets syndicated and picked up by Google so that other innocent film makers who are approached by Dino Spadone will know that any contract they sign with a company he is involved in is not worth the paper it is written on.

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