Finding suitable spanking film locations

You would think, what with the expanding popularity of the spanking genre, that it would be easy for producers to find good locations to make spanking films in.

  • The reputable companies pay well for good locations, usually in cash
  • The film makers leave the property in the same condition as they find it.
  • The owner of the property is usually invited to watch the film being made and even sometimes to participate in the film or film making process.

The requirements for a film location are usually:

  • Reasonable sized rooms (15ft+ rooms)
  • Good state of decoration and furnishing – if you have a period house all the better!
  • Ideally not overlooked so that windows can have curtains open
  • Not near a noisy road, factory or airport
  • Not located where spanking sounds will disturb the neighbours
  • Reasonably near to rail and motorway links for ease of travel for film crew and models.
  • Adequate nearby parking for several cars – film equipment is heavy!

Yet despite these reasonable requirements, film makers seem to have a perennial problem finding new locations. It seems that there is  a marked shortage of suitable properties.

So, if anyone would like to hire their property out for a day (approx 9am-4pm) then this producer would love to hear from you!

You can contact me here

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