A serious issue

 We at spanking news have been contacted by one of our readers who was very concerned at some of the images available on a social network site.  He had seen our recent write up about the World Fetish Forum and wrote us an e-mail.  We have included an extract from it. 

‘I hope the forum you are referring to is run better than Spankolife.  I was a member of this site and enjoyed the free facilities it offered.  When it first opened it was a great place to meet fellow spankos from around the world.

However, as time has passed, I have found more and more images on the site which depict children.  You can also tell from peoples profiles that they are not as they seem.  Spankolife sems to be a haven for people with an unhealthy interest in minors.  I did complain to the site moderator and some of the pictures were removed, however, it seemed like almost daily that these images were reposted and allowed to remain on site’

Now, as you know,  we at Spanking News would not just take one persons word for this.  So, we secretely joined the site to see what we could find.  Unfortunately it did not take long  for us to see that our readers concerns were more than justified. We were on the site for less than a day and found three members who had pictures which would be deemed illegal in the UK.  They were not actually photos but were computer generated graphics showing distressed children in various states of undress.  Other members had noted their disgust at these pictures being on display yet they still at the time of writing this, had not been removed.

Now, it takes a lot to shock us old boys, but shocked we were!  There is no doubt that the majority of the users of this site are  normal spankers like you and I but there is no disputing that there is an unsavourey element lurking and being allowed to hide amongst them.

Whether you agree or disagree, child spanking in the UK is illegal and pictures of such have no place on an adult spanking site.  I know some people participate in age play, but I am sure they would be the first to condemn these awful images.  No wonder  society labels us if we allow these sorts of people to hide amongst us.

We asked the owners of another Forum what they thought and they gave us the following quote.  “Each morning I go though every new photograph and picture added to ensure that it is something I am comfortable to have on my site.  Child pornography is   a  worrying aspect, I will be extra vigilant that these sorts of people are unable to infiltrate our site.

Lets hope that Spankolife cleans up its act before the authorities shut its doors, when it has done so we will be very pleased togive our favourable review of the site.

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