Antivirus company McAfee have taken it upon themselves to become the sole arbiter of the safety or otherwise of your web sites.

The first you will know about the mayhem and mischief that McAfee are causing is when you, if you use their antivirus program, or one of your potential customers tells you about a notice in red that flags up every time someone goes to your site. This is what they will see:

McAfee TrustedSource web reputation analysis found potential security risks with this site. Use with extreme caution.

This is based on a supposed automated scan of your site and is posted and actioned without being checked for accuracy and before you as the web site owner or webmaster have a chance to check or to comment. When you try to get McAfee to fix the problem it turns out that this can take them up to TEN WORKING DAYS! What a great thing to happen to any site over the Christmas/New Year Period! So for at least ten working days you will be losing business with no way of recouping your losses for the libellous and defamatory statements made by McAfee.

Don’t you just love a company like this? This company must be snowed under with complaints if it takes them ten working days to deal with a complaint!

How dare they do this to legitimate businesses who make every effort to ensure that their servers and all their programs are free of any viruses or malware?

Maybe they are so big that they feel they can’t be challenged in this, maybe they don’t care that they are not only costing you as a web site owner money but that they are also damaging your reputation.

We have listed below a number of web sites where you can go to read more about this arrogant and malicious company and its software and to register your dissatisfaction with this company. Hopefully a class action can be instigated against them for defamation and damages.

Let me quote from

“Yes, thousands of small business web site owners are shaking their heads wondering how in the world McAfee Site Advisor can ruin it’s business by rating it as a malicious web site. And now they are wondering how in the world Yahoo can simply put its head in the sand when it comes to the inaccurate ratings they publish in their search results. For me, the site that I have spent eight back-breaking years building is now being torn down by a false positive RED rating (for supposed spamminess) by Site Advisor (happily and blindly republished by Yahoo) and a McAfee support team that won’t act”.

FIND OUT IF YOUR SITE IS RED FLAGGED by typing into your browser to see if it is then join us in doing something about it, leave your comments now.

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