A Happy New Year?

We are getting close to the end of another year and so, like everyone else we can look back on the old year and try to work out just what happened. Just what did happen to us all?

We let the banks turn us all over then we let the government do the same and now we are letting the banks have another bite of the cherry just encase there is any fruit left on it. We continue with two major wars in countries where we are not wanted with the object being no doubt to inflict our form of democracy and governance on these peoples, the same democracy and governance that almost destroyed the world’s economic base but what the hell, they will like it when they get it. Not only that we can exploit their rich recourses and add to our wealth but that we expand our power base into every corner of the globe, if they are lucky enough we might ask them to become members of the EEC!
We had the chance to tackle global warming head on and because the rich nations have not yet found a way to make the undeveloped and developing economies pay for our mistakes we passed on by on the other side and denied the whole of mankind the chance to bequeath a better tomorrow to our planet and our kids. There are however those who will gain from this, the self same people who got us into the financial mess we are all paying for now, yes they are even trading carbon, well it’s there so let’s make money out of it.

You know, most of us here at Spanking Towers are children of the 60’s yes we are getting on a bit now and when we look back at what those happy hopeful years where individuality and flower power reigned free what have we left for our legacy?
It would seem not a great deal, we still have world poverty, we still have children living in poverty in the USA and the UK, we still have drug taking and the accompanying violence in our worlds capitol cities. We still have illiteracy and children leaving school not able to read or write but able to be locked away in increasing numbers for not having any sort of life to look forward to, we are still sending our young folk to be slaughtered in the most horrible ways in those same countries who don’t want us and we still sacrifice everything for the gods money and wealth.   

Will things change with the coming of a new year? We sadly doubt it, we will all carry on in our own selfish way and think of ourselves first and others a sad last, we still won’t see the big picture, we will still allow those who we elect to govern us to continue in the same self serving way that seems to go with the job, we still let them reduce our freedom to do as we wish and to apply more and more state control over our lives and we don’t even think that our freedom is reason enough to get off our back sides and vote these people out of office and demand a new system, the same system they want to export to the counties they are having us invade.

Happy New Year

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