A catch up with Spanking Sandy the Red Stripe films lady

We haven’t heard a lot from Sandy recently so decided to get in touch with her to see just how things were going over at RedStripe films  This is a website which not only combines spanking and sex but tends to use the more mature or fuller lady then you tend to see on other spanking sites.    Some said when she opened the site just under two years ago that it couldn’t or wouldn’t be able to last.  Who wants to see ‘real’ women being punished when there are so many young stick thin models out there?

Well, according to Sandy, a lot of you do.  Now she wants to point out that it is not only the older lady who appears on her site.  She has had many pretty young things as well.  What she tends to do is not go for one ‘type’ of lady or girl.  “As long as the lady in question likes some sexy spanking then they are welcome to appear on my website”   There does certainly seem to be a good range of ladies.  We took a look at some of the latest clips and could not believe the diversity that this site offers.  Recent updates have included mature model Allison being caned by a very strict lady, Minx a beautiful thai girl punished for sucking cock and Shell being spanked while letting the spanker suck on her tits and play with her pussy.  There really is something on this site for everyone.  Sandy has kept the monthly membership price at a low $24 and has promised that this price will never increase all the time you have reoccurring membership.  We think it is well worth at least a look.

Sandy has not made quite as many films this year herself, we asked her if there was a reason for this.  No, not really, she replied.  I do of course love to be spanked and knowing that I am being watched is of course a thrill.  I do plan on shooting some more footage for the site very soon.   I have yet to have full sex on camera, the right man has yet to be found.  Hopefully this is something which will change in 2010.  Well, good luck with that quest Sandy!  If there are any willing volunteers out there, then get in touch with us and we will pass your details on.

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