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Where do spanking sites find their models? What are the girls really like and what motivates them to get into the business. These are questions we have all asked from time to time and so we thought who better to tell it like it is than the models themselves.

Our first interviewee is Irish spanking model CLOVER, a very beautiful, fresh faced and enthusiastic model who is still quite new to the world of films but not new to the spanking and fetish scene in general.

In your own words, can you tell our readers how you would describe yourself?
I describe myself as a friendly Irish submissive with plenty of character, I have a mind of my own and am very loyal to those I consider friends. I consider myself part of the BDSM scene and it is very much a part of my life, as well as the spanking and bondage scenes. I love all three and while they are very much intertwined they are also very separate. Being submissive is a fundamental part of my personality and who I am and I do enjoy playing different aspects of myself in film, parts of me that don’t get to come out and play very often.

Who have you recently worked with?
Spanking Sarah and English Spankers, both great websites to work for. I had a very fun time working with them, by the end of the few days it was more like having fun with a group of friends. The location was stunning and I could hardly even call it work.

How long have you been a spanking model and what made you decide you wished to be one?
I had my first spanking shoot for Sound Punishment a year ago and I have never looked back since, it has only got better each time I shoot and I count the days between them now. I can’t wait until my next one, 12 days and counting.

Does spanking play a part in your ‘real life’ if so, to what extent.
Yes it does, I am a lifestyle submissive and so corporal punishment does play a role for both pleasure and for discipline. It is very different to doing a shoot though, as working for a website has a more fun and casual atmosphere to it and I get to play a character that is usually a bit of a brat while in real life I am less bratty (or at least I like to think so anyway). I love spanking, I love spanking for films and couldn’t imagine my personal life without it.

Do you enjoy being spanked?
Yes, very much. Although when I started out I hated it, it really was a punishment for me but the more I got the more it grew on me and now I love it. It’s funny because I used to be naughty and end up with a spanking, now I am finding myself being ‘good’ for a spanking, bit of a twist there. I do crave it at times. Thankfully, working for spanking websites can help with those cravings.

Are there any other fetishes that you like?
I have many little fetishes and things I enjoy, but I love rope bondage in particular, as anyone who has seen any of my sites or profiles might have guessed.  Bondage and spanking are my two biggest fetishes definitely. I recently discovered I am fond of the strap too.

Can you tell us a little about your photography?
My interest in photography is what brought me to modelling in the first place, I was at a fetish club and spoke to a local well known fetish photographer about his images and he asked me to model for him and it went on from there. My photography took a back seat until earlier this year. My images currently are of bondage but I hope to expand into erotic images also. I love the work of China Hamilton, Frederic Fontenoy, Mark Blackie, Tim Rosier, Paul Alexander and Aaron Hawkes

What do you enjoy doing when you are not working?  How do you relax?
I find bondage with my boyfriend very relaxing, I can let go completely and go into a very relaxing state. I also swim whenever I can, read, relax with
friends, and spend allot of time on the internet catching up with friends and contacts. Photography is more of a hobby and editing can be quite relaxing.

What future plans do you have?
My future plans are constantly changing, I am very indecisive. I have a Masters in Psychology and hope to do something in that field. I am lucky to have a voluntary job that I love, a very worthy cause and thankfully have the resources to keep it up due to modelling. I don’t plan on giving up modelling before I have to as I enjoy it so much, so hopefully there will be more adventures to come.
You can find Clovers blog here, go along and take a look. Images are courtesy of English Spankers and Spanking Sarah

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