Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar revisited.

Now, avid readers of the Spanking news will remember that a while ago we did a report on the BBB.  It is no secret that this was none to favourable and I think I may have said that it is the sort of place where one wipes their feet on the way out rather than on the way in or words to that affect.  Anyway, time has passed and I had been told that the BBB was no longer as dire as it had been then, so I decided to go back and take another look.   I must say, I am rather pleased that I did.  Apart from the unisex toilets, which lets face it, can never be a good idea the BBB is a much cleaner and more friendlier enviroment then it had been on my previous visit.

  I of course did not announce who I was as I wanted to feel the real ambience from a normal visitors point of view.  I wanted to see just how user friendly this place was to the man off of the street.  The answer to that question is very.  They now offer a meet and greet system where newbies are walked around the stalls and introduced to the owners.  What a great way to put people at ease.    My cover was nearly blown when I bumped into SpankingSarah and Mr Stern,  but after I had primed them, they promised not to say a word.    I did not stay for the after party but I watched the demonstration which was on impact play this month, it was very interesting and I did enjoy watching a very nice young lady getting a real good whacking. 

   The selection of goods on sale was great, something for everybody.  Now, it will come as no surprise that my interest lies in the spanking implements and there were rather a lot on display.   In my opinion the best stall there was one called Leather Delights, run by a guy called The Kinky Cobbler.   Nearly everything he sells he makes himself and they are all of the highest quality and at a reasonable price.   The BBB is well worth a visit just to take a look at this gentlemans stall.  Take a fresh look at the BBB.  You won’t be disappointed.

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