Bashed by the Bishop

A SELF-styled bishop famed for spanking parties caned Big Brother contestant Ben Duncan – for being late for church, he said last night.

Anthony Earl-Williams, 59, held a Catholic mass every week at his home and Ben used to attend. But Earl-Williams – who calls himself the Bishop of St Pancras and Penrhys – got fed-up with him being an hour late each week.
He decided the former public schoolboy needed a “proper Catholic punishment” and caned him in his bedroom – as a group of older women listened from another room.
Earl-Williams said: “Ben was infuriatingly late for mass all the time. One day I turned to the ladies and said, ‘I think Ben needs a jolly good caning to teach him a lesson’. They thoroughly agreed. “So when Ben turned up I told him so and he knew he deserved it. “I took him to my bedroom and I gave him six of the best. Not too hard but it must have stung a little because he said ‘ouch’ a few times. He kept his trousers on and afterwards he apologised to everybody.” Ben, 30, is described as the student co-ordinator of Earl-Williams’s Archconfraternity of Our Lady of Victories and is pictured on the group’s website. The “bishop” said Ben was fascinated by spanking – as it reminds him of corporal punishment at school.

Earl-Williams – who was exposed in 2006 after advertising for men to spank in gay contact magazines – admitted he used to hold spanking parties at his former home in North London. He said: “Those were the days but I’m too old now.”
He denied claims Ben worked as a male escort for sex but did admit he accompanied older women to parties and events so they could have a “glamorous young man” on their arm. He said: “I know he prefers older ladies, over the age of 45. They love him and he loves them.” Ben is a regular at high society bashes hosted by socialite Liz Brewer and also appeared on her Ladette to Lady show on ITV1. She invited him to her Royal Ascot party and birthday party with Ivana Trump – a former Celebrity Big Brother housemate – then realised he hadn’t replied because he was in the BB house.
Liz admitted he was a big hit with the older ladies. She added: “He would even come knocking at my bedroom door at 2am when we were filming. He always wanted to party. It was hysterical.”
Ben told BB he once had a relationship with an 18-year-old before being seduced by her mum, who he still sees. Since being in the house he has struck up a close friendship with Mario Mugan.  Thanks to the SUN for this spanking news, we are pleased they have an interest in this lovely passtime.
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