From our American reporter on having fun!

We were out to dinner with a spanking film producer the other night and he was fuming. What’s the problem we asked, being in our most sympathetic mood, he was picking up the tab, he was a Brit by the way, and we were a little afraid that we had done something to upset him. He was over here on holiday but while here had been shooting a spanking movie with a couple of quite new young would be starlets.

“I am totally pissed off, I put free videos onto a number of these ‘Tube’ sites and unfortunately they have a place where people can leave comments”. “You would be amazed” he fumed, “some of the idiot statements made by the people who go to these sites, the worst are, by far and away the Americans, now I am sorry if that upsets you but you just seem to have so many idiots out here and they all seem to be into spanking”

What could I say, I opened up my laptop, we have free WIFI in most places in NY now, he directed me to a couple of sites and, well after looking through a few things I just had to sort of agree with him. “What you have to remember is that these are FREE sites” he said, “sure we put clips onto these sites in the hopes that people will like what they see and go and join the web site, now no one minds constructive comments but when you get the degree of bile and just plain vindictive comments from some of these people you have to think to yourself do I really expect that this idiot is going to have the intelligence to fill out a web site membership form, or even know posses a credit card”. “ You look at their profile thinking, maybe they have posted their own films and really can show me the way it should be done  but invariably they have never made a film in their lives, I suspect that most of them are just sad lonely individuals who have never even spanked a nice bottom”.

Luckily our steaks arrived at this point, big and very rare, there is something about a steak from a good big American bull that always gets the juices flowing, and my dinner companion worked his way through the steak, drank some wine and stated to mellow just a bit. “You know I like you Yanks but you just have to understand, when it comes to making spanking films, we are the best in the world”. “Everyone knows this, why has no one told the spanking community over here, why do these people like to say nasty things about us, maybe it’s just a lack of anything else in their lives”.

We found our way to a cab and took him back to his Hotel, as he walked away I realised that because he had not stopped talking about the problems he had with us and our bad manners I had picked up the tab, now I know what it’s like to be spanked and insulted.

If you want to take a look at one of these sites then go to

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  • arbuthnot

    I comment frequently on Spankingtube. It’s true that I have never made a film, but I’m rarely sad, certainly not lonely, and have had the honour of spanking a some very nice bottoms indeed, and knowing some interesting women as a result. I’m not sure your friend is right. Seems to me this island has produced its fair (OK, let’s say “proportionate”) share of offensive, destructive, dorks and ignoramuses erupting onto Spankingtube. The main difference is that those from the USA often last longer before imploding and being banned. Less blatant crudity and a bit more guile in sailing close to the wind is probably the explanation.

    I don’t agree it’s “unfortunate” that Spankingtube has a comments facility. Some worthwhile exchange of views amongst sensible people goes on there, and one of the idiots becoming more than usually offensive will usually provoke a rallying-round of support for the poster being attacked. There is one prolific British producer who has recently blocked all comments. That facility is available on the site and anyone posting a clip can choose to allow comments or to block them. I’m sorry that producer has felt it necessary to block comments, but it’s his decision and I respect it as such (even though I did make a cheeky, lighthearted, but I hope not offensive, comment when it was accidentally left open again).

    The people I feel most sorry for when they get flamed by morons are the non-commercial posters who’re kind enough to film and put up some their spankings, usually in a domestic context. They don’t deserve it.

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