A brand spanking new concept from English Spankers

I did not think that there was anything new that could be done in regards to spanking websites.  We have sites concentrating on spanking, some on spanking and sex, some only on girls or boys being spanked in uniform.  You name it, and I thought that there was already a site that catered for it.   The internet has allowed anyone and everyone who has a video camera, to open their doors and let the world in.   Is it a good thing?  It is a question I ask myself often.   We as spanking fans certainly have more choice of where to spend our dollar but does the huge amount of footage available make it much harder to choose wisely? 

English Spankers is a name known and trusted by most people.  It is likely the longest running spanking website.  It has over one hundred full feature spanking films at a low monthly membership price and it updates with a film and set of photos on a weekly basis.  The films are shot in high definition and you will not see any of the content on any other spanking site.  The guy who runs it has a life long love of spanking and a film making background.  To him,  English Spankers is not just a website.  It is a lifestyle and labour of love. 

He contacted us recently to tell us about a brand spanking new concept that he has thought of which he hopes will further enhance the site.   Vintage Spanking!  A bygone era, almost forgotten.  He has made a trial film which will soon be available on his site.  If it proves to be successful,  he will make more of these beautiful peroid spanking films.  He admits that the film he has made was purely a trial and knows with the right models and correct costumes that these vintage spanking films will be a hit with the spanking fan.

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