Where do you find Uk Spankees

I would hope that if you are reading this post, that you have an interest in spanking.  We are aptly named ‘Spanking News’ so if it was knitting for example, that you were interested in, then I would ask you to ‘move away please, nothing to interest you here’ 

But if you are into spanking, you may have found it difficult to meet a likeminded person to share this fantastic kink with.  It is not, something which one can bring up on a first or even second date.  Yes, there are many social networking sites out there where you maybe lucky enough to find somebody, but lets be honest, it is not easy.  For every lady interested in spanking on a site, there must be at least ten guys chasing her, and then, often, it is found that it is not a lady!   Or, maybe you are a married man whom does not wish to have a full time spanking relationship?  You want to indulge in a little spanking fun but not the commitment which can go with it.

Spankees are a life saver.  A spankee is a lady whom loves to be spanked and offers her services for this purpose.  You, of course,  have to pay the lady but for this you get to spank, slipper, strap and often cane her bare bottom.  Most will cater for your fantasty scenerio.  You may like a school girl, or perhaps a nurse, these ladies will do their upmost to ensure that they can cater for your specific needs.

They are not prostitutes, most are respectable, clever, pretty women who have a genuine love of spanking.  Some however do offer additional sexual services.   So, where do you find women of this nature I hear you ask?  Well, a lot have their own web pages.  However, a good starting point to find a spankee would be Spankee finder  or perhaps Free spanking ads  both of these have plenty of lovely ladies offering their spanking services.

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