Another Spanking new concept from Uk Top English Spankers

I really do not know how they do it.  Just when you think that the Uk’s Top Spanking Website can get no better, they introduce a brand spanking new concept to their films.   Those guys at English Spankers seem to be really in touch with what their members and the spanking community in general want from a pay spank site.

Now, of course, we all have varying views on what makes a great spanking movie.  We all have our own favourite scenerios, favourite implements, and of course, what we want our perfect spankee to look like and indeed, be dressed as.   The great thing about English Spankers is that they recognise this.  Instead of making films that appeal to the producer, they produce films that appeal to the public.  It is, I feel, safe to say that  some Spanking websites have a ‘sameness’ feel to them.  All the girls are perhaps young, or of a very slim build, in the same uniform.  |English Spankers is atypical of this trend and has broken new ground in the way its spanking films are brought to us. 

They have recently started to film the auditions that the would be spanking models undergo to ensure that they are up to the job.   But this week, they have surpassed themselves by bringing us a new occasional series of films which have no storyline.   They focus on the girl and the implement used for her punishment.   The debut features Andrea whom I am told is not a model but has a love for spanking and discipline.  I know that when I watch a spanking movie, I often fast forward to the punishment part so this sequence for me was fantastic.

If this is not for you, it must not be forgotten that English Spankers has over 100 top quality films which its members can watch without restriction.  All for one low membership fee.  No wonder this long running British Spanking Website is so popular and long may it be so.

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