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We thought we would bring you this rather nice interview from Spanking England, this is a spanking Blog which reviews other web sites, films and also does some pretty good interviews with the spanking models. We were struck by the honesty of this interview so, have a look and let us know what you think.

1, Can you tell us a little about yourself?

 Hola Amigos{the limit of my Spanish -which I had to find out on Google translate}……my name is Dani. I am 20 years young and I am a spanking model{or drama queen depending on how much I cry and rub my bottom!}. I got into spanking unexpectedly as I started off by modelling. I then saw an advert to be in a spanking video –I must mention that I was never spanked as a child! I believe in trying all things once so I thought I would give it a go. It was advertised by Redstripe films and the filming took place in October 2010.

2, As many of our readers know, I am involved in the shooting for the Redstripe films site and  I will be honest with you, when you made your first spanking film, I felt it may be your last! What made you decide to pursue spanking as a career?

 I like a challenge! I found my shoot with Redstripe  very very VERY difficult. We were initially meant to film 3 scenes, however I thought my body would break into two pieces after the second clip was filmed. I remember that when the cameras stopped rolling I turned around sheepishly and asked if my bottom was bleeding. I was in agony, I felt very embarrassed as I always thought I had a high pain tolerance, that was until Remington Steel put me in my place for being a naughty maid! I don’t like failing at things, and even though it took me a few more months before I attempted spanking again, I knew I wanted to take a good thwacking and produce good videos.

3, I have worked with you since that first shoot and found your limits have increased quite dramatically, was this a gradual process?

 Yes this was very gradual, I raised my limits with hand spanking first,then gradually progressed onto the slipper, paddle, strap, belt, and a few other implements before trying MR WHIPPY!{and I don’t mean the ice cream} 

4,Do you actually enjoy being spanked?

 I personally enjoy being hand spanked, I find that it can be quite intimate. I can see how others could be sexually attracted to it. I must say I enjoy being hand spanked more than having implements used on me, maybe that’s because there is an upper limit with spanking??

5, You travel up and down the country to have your bottom spanked for 121′s do you take any security precautions? Is there anything you would like to share with other girls who maybe thinking about this?

A lot of the 1-2-1′s I do are in London. Regarding personal security I think you can tell a lot about a person in the way they contact you. For example, I had one email saying ‘I have always wanted to punish a little black bitch like you’…………CREEPY! Needless to say I didn’t do a session with the guy.  I also find that spankers who mention other girls that I could contact for reassurance are very trustworthy. My advice to other girls would be don’t be afraid to say ‘no’…. or ‘HELL NO ‘if the guy didn’t stop at no. Yes it is the spankers session but at the end of the day it is your bottom. I let people know when they stray with an implement and I let people know when I think they are going too hard. I would also advise that when girls haven’t tried a certain style of spanking they let the spanker know. I had an email from a spanker saying he would like to do a session of ‘wet spanking ‘in the shower. I said I had not done this before and wanted to know I would be bruised more so?etc. Though I felt a bit foolish admitting I didn’t know about wet spanking he replied saying he admired my honesty. I can say that the session went well. Happy days!

 6, Do you have a spanking 121 ‘horror story’

 I think I have two…..aaaa!  The man with breath so bad he almost made me cry as he spent the whole hour session about an inch from my face. I don’t know if this is worse that the man who punished my right bum cheek only.  AAAAAA!

 6, Apart from Redstripe films,who else have you made spanking films with? Where can we find you?

I have filmed for Wellspanked whose videos can be seen on spanking tube and I have also filmed with the ‘Dutch Genius’  Spanked -in-uniform  By the end of the year I am working with an additional 3 websites.

7, Do you have a favourite spanking implement?

 I personally like the paddle and the strap….and the belt. I think this is because it they have a large surface area.

 8, How about the implement you most dread and why?

The Hairbrush. The hairbrush is like a WMD –weapon of mass destruction that belongs in the pits of hell. I find it very stingy. I would say that the hairbrush can make me cry instantly, which I cannot say for all other implements.

 9, How about spanking position?

 I hate to reveal that I am a traditionalist, I like over-the-knee spanking most! I think that’s because people have more control in this position when hand spanking{which I prefer above implements}.  On the other side I LOATHE the diaper position. A normal whack in the over the knee position is 20 times harder when doing the diaper position.

10, What is next for Danielle Hunt?

 WORLD DOMINATION. My face on coins and chocolate bars, my bum plastered on billboards……… this space

Danielle Hunt will be at Spanking Sarah early in the New Year


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