To pay or not to pay

Just spotted a strange advert on a spanking personals site, it reads: 47 year old experienced male spanker excellent role playing skills (just ask Emma Bishop !! ) fed up with paying out for one to ones and being out of pocket, now looking to redress my finances by appearing in some dvds. Can travel anywhere with notice. Also have several role play ideas and able to help with these as well as appearing on film.
Please note – don’t bother if you are one of those who doesn’t pay males for appearing on dvd. Not interested in get rich quick unscrupulous people, just those who want realistic role players in their films.
Well we just hope that his mail box is packed with web sites wanting his services but from our experience, there are hundreds of red blooded males with loads of experience as spankers who would just love to appear in a spanking film, just the thought of being able to spank some of the most delicious bottoms at will gets me wishing I were able to offer my services, it’s the old war wound and mental instability that prevent me!
I don’t know what you think, I look at it like this, yes I know that web site owners are in it to make some money but if they did not make money there would be no web spanking sites, the proof? Well how many free web sites featuring their own and not pirated films can you name? Yes it takes money, quite a lot of money to produce a good web site and to keep it updated with new material and I for one don’t object to paying to see the films and would certainly not object to appearing in them, pay or no pay. So web site owners if you want a spanker who walks with a lisp and talks with a limp please get in touch with me, I’m FREE as they say. ( By the way I for one wouln’t mind spanking the lovely Emma Bishop if she does not mind these boney old legs digging into her )
Old Spanker

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  • oh, and in reply to ‘Old Spanker’ Re:”I’m FREE as they say. (By the way I for one wouldn’t mind spanking the lovely Emma Bishop if she does not mind these boney old legs digging into her”)

    Which bones are they again?!! haha
    As long as it’s only the ones in your legs and your mind will be on the job in hand then mmm you could be a contender! No, I’m not that aloof and full of myself, and ugly beggar girls like me can’t be choosers so you may be on a short list already. Sadly I’m not FREE though 🙂


  • Plus, if more companies were willing to pay, they might be more able to attract young, cute, trained actors rather than having a vastly limited choice of men who mostly, to be perfectly blunt, aren’t up to scratch. You wouldn’t lose money overall because in the end you’d be producing better quality material. All it needs is a few brave companies to take the plunge – like investing money into producing High Definition – and the rest will quickly realise they can’t compete unless they catch up.

  • I’ve posted before about what I think of the convention of not paying male actors and models in spanking films. In my opinion, you get what you pay for. Sure, companies may be able to get away with not paying for men, because men are willing to do it for free. But if you pay for a male actor, you have the right to expect him to behave professionally; and he’s far more likely to have a professional attitude. You drastically limit the potential for time-wasters. You get professionals on set who know what they’re doing and don’t need babysitting – and if they fuck up, you don’t have to let them get away with it because they aren’t doing you a favour. It’s safer for the models and it makes for a better atmosphere on set. As a model I want to trust that a man I don’t know is able to distance himself from his desires for the purpose of filming with me, is capable of being professional rather than personal – and paying someone is a very, very easy way of achieving that distance). If you take your male actors seriously, they will take you and the sub seriously. You get what you pay for: it’s as simple as that.

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