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Seeing as my name was apparently “taken in vain” in a post to my blog alerting me to this news and inviting me to comment I can safely say that this particular wannabee movie star pretty much lives up to his own hype (sorry Mr King … lol!!).

I think there are two ways of looking at this. Spanking models have a choice of who spanks them for free under their own private arrangement, but if it is a movie producer then the choice is up to them who appears. I agree it invites those perhaps looking for a session they might otherwise only get on a 121 fee paying basis, but I also think that if he is brave enough to be filmed in front of others he is unlikely to go too far and will take it as seriously as his ‘acting’ ability allows. I agree Pandora that some may fuck up but that can happen if they are paid too. I don’t think being paid has any link to ability to perform, the same applies to spanking models or male actors too however well known they are. I know some disciplinarians that don’t appear on film who are brilliant at administering real life discipline and more realistically than some I have worked with in role plays. They are confident, assertive, experienced and naturals who would be absolutely brilliant in movies, so that does not make them amateurs. There will always be those wanting to be make their debut in a movie who may be great at the action and role play but are not sure about filming sequence protocol, so I don’t see that as babysitting because everyone starts somewhere. However, I think its all about supply and demand and choice, and unless the male actor is able to command a fee based on his CV and reputation, and he is a “must have” for a certain role or drama, a lot of smaller companies just can’t afford to pay and can easily get others who get the enjoyment out of having the chance to meet and spank someone they may have enjoyed from afar. I don’t think that is a reason for them to not try as hard as a professional though.
Good post though, thanks for letting me know.


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