More on Yahoo and copyright theft

The battle to get Yahoo to act in a responsible manner is achieving some success. As we reported earlier Yahoo are helping promote the showing of pirated films and stolen material by allowing unscrupulous individuals to advertise within their groups. We have been following the efforts of certain producers, not we may say the larger producers who don’t seem to care that their copyright is being infringed, to persuade Yahoo that they should start to take an interest in the way they are being used.

It is quite obvious from the obstacles that Yahoo put in the way of anyone reporting abuse that they have their minds more to profit than piracy. Let no one be in any doubt, Yahoo do benefit from allowing these bottom feeders to use their groups and e-mail system, they attract potential customers to their sponsored advertisers both on the sites and on the e-mails these people send out joyously proclaiming the arrival of newly stolen material. It is blatantly obvious that these people use Yahoo to point potential freeloaders towards the file sharing sites that eventually host the stolen and pirated films.

Thank goodness that these sites seem to act more responsibly than Yahoo and will remove the material once they are notified that copyright is not held by the poster.

We have tracked down the address of Yahoo UK and the phone number that will get you through to their legal dept. don’t however expect that it will be easy to get these people to act promptly or effectively, they will usually try to fob you off with the excuse that “it’s Yahoo USA or Canada” don’t be put off, if you are a producer and your material is being pirated and hosted or advertised by Yahoo have a go at them, don’t leave it to a small group of activists to do your work.

Check out the free file share sites for your material, you will be surprised to find out just how many of you are being ripped off, this is depriving you of members and income and as the producer don’t you think you should be the one to benefit from your investment?

Yahoo UK is at: Legal Department Yahoo! UK Ltd 125 Shaftesbury Avenue London WC2H 8AD
The direct phone number is 02071311000

Rick Jarvis

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