Yahoo close spanking film pirate sites ….. eventually

Well Yahoo do at last seem to be facing up to their responsibility and closing down sites that pirate others material. The pity is that so many out there seem to think they have a god given right to download this material and view it without paying the producers.

Scanning some of the spanking forums it seems that the spate of closures has upset people, we all like to get something for nothing, with most of the honest spanking sites you will get a good free preview of the films, it won’t run to more than 30 secs or so but it’s enough to decide if you want to see more. The membership costs for most sites is quite reasonable, with the number of films some of them are featuring it works out to just a few pence per film, so why go to the pirates?

Consider the moral questions about steeling the fruits of someone’s labour, consider that those running the sites and producing the films need to make some sort of profit; it’s not just the site owners who depend on these sites, plenty of spanking models also look to the sites for an income. Most spanking fans have a job of work to go to each day, at the end of the week they expect to be paid for there labour, they will not be happy if someone comes along and offers to do it for free, same thing.

Instead of encouraging pirates the real spanking fans should be notifying site owners when they see their material being pirated, the site owners we are in contact with will happily give a free membership to those who do help out in this fight with the thieves.

Rick Jarvis

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