Spanking Documentary

It seems that people always want to produce TV documentaries about the ‘other side of life’ the BDSM and spanking scene seem to be the vogue at the moment. It no doubt makes good sexy TV and the British being what we are a good snigger at someone else behind our closed doors is always welcome. We have a request in from a producer, it reads; “I’m currently producing and directing a documentary at ITV (for Virgin 1) about kinky sex, and as part of it I’m trying to find guys and girls who are into the spanking scene who would be happy to talk about spanking on camera.

I’ve been surprised to find that it’s harder than I anticipated to find people willing to talk openly about enjoying spanking, and wondered if you might be able to help put me in touch with potential interviewees. I’ve had a lot of interest, but many people seem to be ashamed of being into spanking – and I’m really keen to start breaking this taboo. However to do that, I need brilliant contributors who are enthusiastic about spanking, and who would be happy to talk about it on TV”.

We have spoken Cathy the lady producer and explained why, in our opinion she may find it difficult to find people willing to go onto national TV and tell all about their spanking activities. The first consideration and the thing which tends to set spank fans apart from say BDSM’ers is the fact that we are ordinary, very private people who do not dress in leather gear or have chains around our necks or tattoos on out boobs to show our affiliation to a particular scene. There are of course many other reasons, why leave yourself and loved ones open to persecution and ridicule by the publishing world’s equivalent of the sewer rat working for such rags as the news of the world et al.
In the spirit of fairness and so that we are not to be classed as small minded insular spank freaks, should you be interested in taking part you can contact Cathy here.  Oh! Don’t expect any good sexy spanking scenes to be shown in the program, this is England you know.
Fiona Harrington

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