Jess spanked at the house of correctionRedstripe Films have a long running series starring Aunty Katie, better known as Katie Didit, it is centred on her House Of Correction wher young ladies who have offended the law in one way or another are sent for strict discipline. They all get a “welcome” spanking from Aunty Katie, they have to strip naked, she examines the girl to ensure she is not carrying drugs anJess spanked at the house of correctiond then the girl, in this case Jess, goes over the spanking stool and gets what I consider to be one hell of a good spanking. I think that Sarah is now up to around Episode 21 and the series still looks good. It generally follows the girl through a series of misadventures and harsh punishments during their stay. Meet Jess. Jess is the latest recruit to be unfortunate enough to join the House of Correction. This naughty girl was caught shoplifting and now she must pay the price. Jess seems to think that she is going to be in for an easy ride but she soon realises that Auntie Katie does not stand any nonsense from naughty girls. As soon as she arrives at the house she is forced to strip and subjected to a search to ensure that she has not brought any contraband into the house. Every inmate at The House of Correction gets spanked the minute they walk into the house. This serves a few purposes, it lets the naughty girls know that their stay will be a pain filled one and it encourages better behaviour. Auntie Katie has a hard and heavy hand and she puts it to good use. Jess finds herself naked and vulnerable when she is placed over the spanking stool. There is no warm up to this spanking, It starts off hard and fast and continues at the same pace. This is a punishment and is made to feel like one. Jess soon has a bright red bottom and you can see her visible signs of distress. The poor girl really was not prepared for the treatment she is receiving. Auntie Katie makes sure that the spanking is a prolonged and incredibly painful one. Jess endures smack after painful smack on her pert bare bottom. Take a look at the free clip here

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