Why self spanking

WHY SELF SPANKING. Well why not is the answer. As adults we do lots of other things to ourselves which are far more harmful, smoke, drink, cross the road, exercise! So it seems to me that a little bit of self spanking or as is the case in the film I am using to illustrate, self paddling. That a beautiful young girl feels the need to paddle her own bottom escapes me, I must send her my phone number then maybe she won’t want to paddle her own delicious bottom. Honesty has just started working for her new Boss. He works from home and has left her there whilst he pops up on some errands. Instead of doing her work like a good girl, she decides to have a little nose around the house. She takes a look in the drawers and is surprised to find a spanking paddle. Now, Honesty could have just put it back and forgotten about her find. Her Boss would have been no wiser and she could have just got on with her work. Instead this silly girl lets her curiosity get the better of her. She examines the paddle and smacks her own hand with it before hoisting up her skirt and trying the paddle out on her bottom. Honesty finds the self spanking quite exciting and gives herself quite a few slaps with it. In fact she is concentrating on what she is doing so much that she does not hear her Boss return. Before she notices he has been watching her self spank for some time. She is rather shocked when he eventually makes his presence known. Her Boss has found the whole thing rather horny but pretends to be cross in order to give her a dose of the paddle himself! Honesty is informed that seeing as she likes it so much he will make sure she gets it long and hard and on her bare bottom. Honesty soon goes from a nice sensual paddling to a hard thrashing on her tender young cheeks. She is soon rather red and marked and begs her Boss to stop. He has other ideas and carries on with the punishment of his naughty employee. Curiosity leads this young lady to get a blistering bare butted beating. Take a look at the free clip here.

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