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The world is full of surprises and the spanking world seems to hold just as many. Who would have thought that the UK’s premier spankee come spanker of young ladies has just opened a new web site featuring her taking her wicked way with lots of naughty men. Yes Sarah Spanks Men has launched and jolly good it is too. I have to say that I did join as I wanted to see the films, at the moment there are no free clips but I am assured that these are coming shortly.

At the moment there are only a small number of films plus some really horny POV clips featuring some of Sarah’s lady friends talking directly to camera. I did not think that would be for me but I was pleasantly surprised. Now what of the site, well the style and layout follow that of Spanking Sarah, well it makes sense, if you have a brand style that works then stick to it. The content is well described and the inside of the site is simple to navigate and contains the full films, the POV films and photo sets from the various shoots.

I understand there are lots more films to go up as the days progress plus there will be bonus content but she would not tell me what that will be, hmm. The join price is very reasonable at the moment, I am sure it will increase as the amount of content increases, Sarah said if you join now and maintain your membership then you have this low price for ever, makes good sense. The films are as with all the films produced by this lady of the very best quality, well thought out stories, a bit too real for me!

I do know a couple of the guys featured in the films, they have been on other sites but for the rest these are all new to the spanking scene but despite that they do all seem to take quite a thrashing from this very strict Sarah. If you are into this side of the spanking scene then I can strongly recommend you taking a look at Sarah Spanks Men

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