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Ella Hughes hard paddlingIt has been a busy week here. We have found ourselves childless this week so decided to hop across the Channel to pick up some booze! We got up really early on Monday morning (to be honest it was really still Sunday) and we haven’t stopped since. We got back late last night and as we had a shoot arranged for today we had to be up and out of 7am this morning. Still, it was absolutely worth it and I am sure that you will enjoy watching the new films with yet another lady we have found to make her spanking debut at our sites.

Ella Hughes has proven to be a real hit with you guys. She is an absolute star and I really enjoy giving her the punishment she needs. This week she is back at Spanking Sarah for the second part of her spanking interview. She has taken a good hard hand spanking and is eager to have some more! Now, I usually let new girls choose an implement from my vast toy bag. To be honest some will always go with the lightest one they think they can find. Not Ella! Ella was like a child in a sweet shop. She wanted to try them all. I told her she could pick four and so she reluctantly wheedled down her chooses.

Amongst the things she choose were a really heavy paddle and a nasty little wooden bath brush. Ella was more than happy with her chooses so I was more than happy to apply them to her already reddened cheeks. Ella is one of my all time favourite spanking models and if you watch the free clip you will see why.

Ella looked rather beautiful knelt in my chair with her bottom high in the air ready to receive punishment. I gave her a really hard whacking with each and every implement and she loved absolutely every moment of it. Ella really is a spankers dream. She adores the feel of leather and wood and takes so much. Her bottom was rather swollen and bruised after this punishment but she still had a smile on her face.

Two Au Pairs spankedAnother week, another fantastic spanking update for you at English Spankers. Most of you will know the wonderful Amelia Jane Rutherford but a lot of you will not be aware of the equally fantastic Jess. Jess has only ever made a few spanking films and we are lucky enough to be the only company she has shot for. Like Amelia she takes a real good whacking and our double shoot with these two girls produced some absolutely amazing material. Amelia and Jess play the part of a couple of Au Pairs rather well. They should be looking after their young charges but instead they are helping themselves to the booze and berating the way their employees treat them! Jess should be at the school picking up the kids but is having so much fun that she forgets! Ms Stern is far from impressed when she walks in on the pair of them boozing. Amelia Jane pleads innocence and tries to beat a hasty retreat but Ms Stern soon puts a stop to this. She informs this naughty Au Pair that she is as guilty as Jess and that if she does not stay and take her punishment then she will make a phone call to her employers and will ensure that she will not have a job nor a home to return to. Both girls are informed that they will be going over the knee for a hard hand spanking. Jess is not surprised, she admits to Amelia that her Boss has spanked her before and explains that it is probably easier to accept the punishment than to try and protest. Ms Stern is a very strict lady and will not be swayed. Both girls have done the wrong thing so both will face her wrath. Amelia is first over the knee for a harsh hand spanking and she is not impressed when her leggings and her panties are removed. Amelia and Jess both find themselves rather humiliated when their knickers are taken down and their bare bums spanked soundly, They are both rather red and sore as they are given a smacking that they will not forget in a hurry. At one stage both girls are over the knee at the same time and Ms Stern has not only a hard hand but a fast one as well! A blistering bare bottom spanking for two naughty girls which leaves them marked and in considerable pain. but will this be the end of their torment? Take a look at the free clip here

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