The lunatics are running the country

It always was thought that in the UK we were relatively  free from unwarranted censorship and the imposition of other peoples ideals and ideas on us. I remembers Lady Chatterley, “the trial of” and the ridicule that came the way of our justice system and then I honestly though that we had gotten past all that when porn was at last legalised, despite the fact that we would still have to have what porn we could see, approved by some unelected and unrepresentative QUANGO.

atvodThen came from now where this raving lunatic monster called ATVOD I give this link not for any good reason other than to show a little of their thought process, although this link may better explain their proclaimed motives. In effect this group of soft brained individuals have decided that you, the great British public need saving from the harmful effects of watching spanking and caning films on line. Yes, I know, this was all legal and much practiced at school when I attended but, well we have advanced since those dark and distant days. It’s not worth going into the minutia of their pathetic arguments, once you get down to it you have to look at some of the links and quotes that I will give here, others more eloquent than I have distilled what is going on.

There undoubtedly will be online petitions I urge you to support these, remember that once your thoughts and desires are being censored and criminalised it is not too  far from a fascist stat imposing its will on its people, this is just the start of what these people really want to achieve, you will be able to have a say very soon, there will be an  election coming up, remember which colour  of government introduced this travesty, and tell your local representative just what you think.  You can write to your MP’s here

I do thank the people who have looked at this subject and have pleasure linking to their posts. The Independent  Erotic Review Strand Productions Elegance Obscenity Lawyer Pandora Blake Many thanks to Pandora who as usual is doing a very well reasoned and thought out job, read please what she is saying and join with her in complaining, protesting and objecting to these restrictions on YOUR freedom.

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