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Thanks to the Mirror for once again being ahead of the game. It is always interesting to see what the main stream media think to any given situation, sometimes you get knee jerk reactions sometimes you get reasoned well thought out comment, for this reason and when you get reasoned comment I am sure they will not mind it being repeated. Spanking, being tied up and female ejaculation are now all banned from internet porn under a new law. Sex workers aren’t best pleased Sex workers are angry that the government is regulating which porn on the internet is safe or unsafe, after new regulations came in yesterday. Many of the most common sexual fantasies have now been banned from  video on demand porn – pornography that you pay for online rather than just steal from the internet (or is free to view). The government is deciding which porn you are allowed to watch The Audiovisial Media Services Regulations 2014 is now regulating porn made in the UK under the same criteria that it regulates DVDs, movies and TV shows. If it wouldn’t be shown on an 18 film, then it’s not allowed in your porn. This means that acting out anything that the government deems to be ‘dangerous’ during sex on camera is now forbidden in any porn that could be construed as “TV-like”. What is banned? It’s actually quite random. Urination is banned in a sexual context and the government seem to count female ejaculation as urination! So any porn with female ejaculation is now banned. And some pretty mainstream fantasies and sex acts are now being banned on-screen. We’ve asked the British Board of Film Classification to clarify exactly what about this is banned, exactly the point it becomes banned and why it is banned. We await their response.

  • Bondage – being tied up is banned. As is being gagged. 52.1% of women – more than half – have fantasised about this, and 46.2% of men. They can no longer buy porn of it in the UK. 59.6% of men and 46.7% of women have fantasised about dominating someone.
  • Spanking, hitting or whipping – 23% of women, 39.6% of men and a whopping 53% of our readers are interested in being spanked or whipped for sexual pleasure

Things that aren’t that dangerous…

  • Abusive language during sex is banned – No name-calling in bed form now on. All porn is now going to be really courteous, which is a shame. What counts as “abusive language”? We asked the BBFC if calling someone a “dickhead” during sex will be banned.
  • Face-sitting – We can see how this could go wrong, but should it really be banned? Has anyone ever died from their face being sat on during sex?
  • Fisting, but only if all knuckles are inserted – Surely having all the knuckles of a small hand is better than having some of the knuckles of a huge hand. Just saying.

Who is affected? Not, to a huge extent at least, the mainstream porn industry. It won’t really affect what porn you watch as porn from providers and servers not based in the UK will still be available in the UK. And a lot of mainstream porn doesn’t include these banned actions. It will, however, affect independent and BDSM porn providers, who rely on people purchasing their material to make a living. They are understandably angry about this change. And arguable the mainstream porn industry, which has issues with trafficking and not paying performers properly is more harmful than a loving couple producing and selling BDSM porn. I spoke to a sex worker who specialises in BDSM to find out more. Her work name is subSinead. She thinks that the female ejaculation rule is sexist.  “Why is it OK to show men coming but not the female orgasm? Is the world going to fall apart because men (and they have to be adult  men since you  need a credit/debit card to watch a cam show) see a woman orgasm?” “The government are now saying it is ok to watch porn but not if the woman enjoys it too much, not if she orgasms more than briefly. What do they want, us to lie back and think of England?!” She also thinks that a law about how large a dildo you can use is ridiculous (you’re no longer allowed to be penetrated with a ‘dangerous item’ on film if you’re a sex worker) “There are now rules on how big a sex toy i can use on cam. Which minister is in charge of that, are they going to come round and measure my sex toys and tell me which ones Cameron approves of? I would love to be a fly on the wall at that cabinet meeting.” And the bottom line is that adults buying and selling BDSM porn is consensual and on the whole unharmful. She concludes: “What I do is consensual, between adults and harms no one, the fact the government sees a problem with that says all you need to know about their attitude to sex.”

Who are the laws protecting?

Ostensibly children. However, this is only for porn you pay for online. If Mummy is giving her child her credit card to buy hardcore BDSM porn with, that’s a problem with Mummy, not the porn industry. There’s also the cast-iron defence that it’s art. Under the Obscene Publications Act 1959, “no offence is committed if publication is justified as being for the public good on the grounds that it is in the interests of science, art, literature or learning or other objects of general concern”. Just make it look pretty. They are also ‘protecting the public from viewing harmful or dangerous content’. We’d like to point out that the Saw films contain more dangerous content than a video of a woman ejaculating. SubSinead thinks that the government are wasting their time, and should be focusing on more important issues. “Many cam girls are very angry that while we have inquiries into MPs ignoring child abuse at the highest level, the government is wasting time on this. In fact at lot of us think it is a way of distracting from the real issue, a way to show they are doing something while their friends in high places get off.” What do you think? Let us know but above all SIGN THE PETITION  

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