The fight for freedom of expression

Extreme violenceSometimes when an organisation does something without thought or without consulting and without any tangible and valid reason it leaves itself open to there being a backlash. This is a good place to link to Backlash who as they say “Backlash is an umbrella organisation providing academic, legal and campaigning resources defending freedom of sexual expression. We support the rights of adults to participate in all consensual sexual activities and to watch, read and create any fictional interpretation of such in any media“.

Maybe now we should not be looking at ATVOD or getting involved in the details of what they consider right or wrong, it is maybe time to put the question, Do we need censorship at all, do we need to have an organisation like the BBFC. Who wants it, who appoints these people, who gives these people the power to make arbitrary decisions governing what we as individuals with a brain of our own can watch, lets ask thExtreme Fune question WHY? Once you allow people to start dictating what you can watch on your TV or what you may see on video or any other medium, once you give them the veneer of respectability, an admission that they are doing something even remotely useful they begin to think that they are wanted, needed and will then just want to expand the scope of their pernicious interference in your life. It’s simple, we are all free people in Europe, lets try and keep it that way, next come the books, after that it will be organisations they don’t like after that…

I found this article quite a refreshing look at the situation Eye For Film and the questions posed by Ben Yates maybe we should be looking in depth at the credentials of those who would sit in judgment on us. The petition to the government needs to collect 100,000 signatures so please go here and sign it. It is important and you know that your freedom is important. It could be you they come after next.

One of the images above shows a measure of violence and could well be illegal, which one is it. Answer on a postcard.

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