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Just had a preview of the series of films made with Pandora Blake & Thomas Cameron some years ago. Now Pandora has always been one of my very favourite spankees and Thomas makes the perfect master in this well shot portrayal of a young girls introduction into a life of sensual and painful service. The producers, Strand Video have now added this to their list of compilation tapes, they have taken a number of connected stories or subjects and put them together as a complete program and this I welcome. It is good to be able to go to a download and get the whole thing in one go.

This story is very well filmed and directed, the action is well distributed throughout the film and time is aloud for reflective reactions and the finer nuances of the dom sub relationship to come to the fore. I do hate to miss the words and the looks that we know will pass between a couple when they are enacting such an erotically charged situation and the looks on the face of the beautiful submissive as she awaits the kiss of the strap or cane. So, I do welcome these compilations and in particular this one. I understand it is available to the members of Spanking Mansion which is a part of Redstripe Films but it will also be available as a single download from The Spanking Library.

Below is the write up which accompanies the film. Enjoy!

This is a story about a young girls first visit to her new master. She has been given to him for further training in submission and her journey to knowledge is to be long and painful for her. She is taken to a lonely house in the middle of the night knowing that she will be trained to serve the man who meets with her and expected to give herself to him in every way.

Immediately upon arrival she is subjected to her first punishment, a naked spanking and punishment over the knee with a hairbrush. Next morning she finds out just what it means to be in service, she has not pleased the master, forgetting to wear her collar and other things. She is put through a very humiliating routine including walking naked and deportment, a riding crop is used to keep her moving. Next she is subjected to harsh punishment with a leather strap.

Over a period of time Pandora transgresses the masters rules and has to be severely dealt with, this will involve a harsh paddling and a long and very meaningful caning administered in a number of positions so as to totally cover her bottom. An excellent film featuring one of our foremost spanking ladies.




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