What makes a great film

What makes a great film, well obviously we are talking spanking and related subjects, but for the purpose of this report I want to look at a new caning film. First you need to find the right cast members, the top, well Sarah Stern or Spanking Sarah will do nicely, the subjects, pick some of the prettiest around at the moment, say Jess and Tindra Frost and that gives a good basis.

Next you need a story, how about a couple of naughty senior girls who have hit upon a rather silly way to make a lot of money quite quickly. They have a bet with the rest of the girls in the school that they will be the very first girls in that school to be caned. Yes that is stupid but there we have it. The story develops and it does not take long before they are indeed told by their headmistress that they will be caned but here is where the shock sets in. The caning will not be carried out by their rather kindly old headmistress but by a sports teacher from another school who has a fearsome reputation and is well versed in the art of issuing canings.

There you have it, everything in place and the girls are duly sentenced to 48 strokes of the cane on bare bottoms, carried out in a very austere punishment room whilst they are bent over a caning stool. Now I did say I wanted to point out what makes a great film and it is of course all these things plus the two camera shooting, the editing which makes a seamless event which flows along and really does bring out the great acting from all the girls as well as the incredible sound which isolates the breathing of the girls and the swish and thwack of the cane. I especially like the excellent and sympathetic montage at the end of the film which is a bit of a trade mark of the film maker Remington Steel.

The film Is being released on Spanking Sarah’s web site and is also available on her clips site. I understand that there are in fact two versions. One is the natural edit and the other a special edit which shows each cane stroke twice, once with the view of the bottom and then immediately with the face view of each stroke. I rather like the sound of this. These two complete versions will be available to Sarah’s members to download as individual complete films or on her clips site as complete films. So, do take a look, this is the best caning film I have seen in a long while and well worth the price of membership.

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