Do we like costume spankings

What a question to ask, yes of course we do like to see our spanking ladies dressed in all sorts of different costumes, anything to try and give the story a bit of a lift I say. We are all used to the school girl, school master scenario and of course we have loads of doctor and nurse stories, well they do in a way lend themselves to the spanking genre! 

So onto something a bit different, some time ago in the series from Strand on the Spanking Sarah web site we had the very sexy nun played by Sarah Stern in the Unladylike Manor series. This has become one of the longest running spanking soaps and is certainly the best and most interesting. Sarah has now moved that on to a more authentic costume look and her new series Breaking The Habit is certainly different. In these stories she gets all sorts of young ladies entangled in her web of fantasy and pain. They usually have no idea what the motives are behind her interest in them till they find themselves bent over getting their delectable bare bottoms beaten.

The series is quite new but is already looking very interesting with a couple of new faces making an appearance and some well known ones also getting the Sarah treatment.  One thing about this lady, she does not differentiate between the new comer and the old hand when dishing out the punishments, she lays it on full force come what may. 

The second new series from Sarah is The Judge At Home, which will be out on English Spankers now this is different and nothing like you would expect. Briefly, the court under Judge Stern sits in a domestic situation where she deals with things that have happened to people in their own homes. The miscreants are charged, she hears the evidence and then pronounces an appropriate punishment, this can stretch from a spanking to a paddling, a caning and even a session with the dreaded bath brush. The costume is authentic, Sarah looks great and the girls seem to relish the difference it makes when a story comes together.

So, yes we do like costumes and we love to get them as authentic as possible, I don’t know what Sarah will come up with next but it’s sure to be something good but lets just see how these progress and pan out.

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