It’s all spanking but Academic

Over the knee at the academyWe do like to keep our eyes on the new sites who support us and particularly like the new film on Spanking Academy this week. It is obviously very well shot but we understand that it was shot by an amateur camera man who just loves spanking and discipline. Apparently he brought his camera in the hopes that one day he would get the chance to film some spanking, he did try to contact couples through some of the online contact forums but did not have a lot of success. After some time new people moved into the flat above him and when they had been there a couple of weeks he heard the unmistakable sound of someone being spanked. He went upstairs and listened at the door and was convinced that a good spanking was being dished out.

Nothing happened for a while but he then met the upstairs couple in the local bar and managed to find a way to bring up the subject of spanking. The girl, Susan came right out with it and said she was spanked on a regular basis but only after she had done something wrong. To cut his long e-mail short, he told them of his interest and this film is the outcome of that conversation. Now maybe that’s true but as they say “never let the truth stand in the way of a good story”. Anyway there is a free clip and it looks pretty good to me.

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