Spanked, spanking and the cane

Well another new year and we are sure glad to see the back of the old one. Lets just hope that things don’t get too bad for us all and despite the stupidity and greed of certain members of our society we may continue to enjoy this beautiful country and all that it has to […]

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It’s all spanking but Academic

We do like to keep our eyes on the new sites who support us and particularly like the new film on Spanking Academy this week. It is obviously very well shot but we understand that it was shot by an amateur camera man who just loves spanking and discipline. Apparently he brought his camera in […]

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Spanking and caning the Academy girls

A new site has opened up specialising in school, office and uniform discipline of ladies from all age groups. Spanking Academy seems to be making a good start with videos and pictures of as very high quality. This site will compliment the more general sites and is quite cheap at the moment. We will have […]

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