Spanked, spanking and the cane

Cane at the academyWell another new year and we are sure glad to see the back of the old one. Lets just hope that things don’t get too bad for us all and despite the stupidity and greed of certain members of our society we may continue to enjoy this beautiful country and all that it has to offer.

Now to business, the first site to notify us of new things going on is Spanking Academy and there latest update. This finishes of a series of three stories featuring a young lady by the name of Stephaney, I have to say that although I keep my nose pretty close to the goings and comings in the business I don’t recollect ever having see this young lady before her appearances in the Academy films. In earlier episodes she was spanked and paddled very effectively we thought but it seems that other measures were called for and a well known figure from the spanking world was brought in to apply a good hard caning. As those who are in the know often say, the cane can be a very painful instrument of correction or indeed it can help to heighten the pleasures of a good fun CP session. You only have to look at some of the bulletin boards to understand that quite a lot of our treasured lady spankees actually prefer the cane to the paddle and strap. The one thing to keep in mind is that it must be used sensibly; it is not the intention to hurt but to bring pleasure to someone who wants that pleasure. That’s it, a good honest top quality caning film from this quite new site that has some very interesting films on show. Keep it up guys and we know the site will be a big success. Take a look at Spanking Academy

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