When is enough enough?

I don’t know how you feel about it but I just like spanking girl’s bottoms, by that I mean putting them over your knee and giving them a jolly good spanking. Sometimes it may be deserved, that bratty wife who does it just so that you are tempted and can’t resist throwing her over your knee when the kids have eventually found their way up to bed, she knows just what she’s got coming and is looking forward to this and what may well follow on afterwards. Sometimes it can be a bit of roll play, she dresses in her old school uniform, you put on your old graduation gown and play schools, the inevitable result will be the naughty girl will end up bent over for a spanking, the school strap or maybe a good and well deserved dose of the cane. All good fun and aren’t we pleased that our ladies seem to like being spanked just as much as we like to spank them.

The whole thing about all this is that it is consensual, she wants you to spank or cane her, you want to do it so as adults we have our fun and everyone is happy and sated. Then we have spanking web sites, for the most part they are very good offering new faces and bottoms being spanked, to us the great unwashed out there in the real world who maybe are not so lucky as to have a wife or partner out there who is willing to be spanked. Just like any other business though and don’t lets kid ourselves these web sites are run as money making businesses and no one, least of all the spanking fan who does not have recourse to the aforementioned partner can argue nor would argue with them making money, after all it does cost a lot of money for most of these web sites to give you new content, films and pictures on a regular basis.


I have however spotted a growing trend out there and I have to say it is a not very nice side of the whole business. It seemed to start with the entry into the market of the Eastern European spanking businesses, let me say from the outset, there are some very good spanking web sites run by and from the East and they do have some very lovely young ladies who obviously enjoy what they are doing. No, I am thinking more about those who feature such headlines as ‘brutal whipping’ forced and flogged till she bleeds, Bullwhip and horsewhipped, beat my slut and more in the same vein.

Do we really want or need this? I hope that most of us would answer no but why are these web sites out there and why do they thrive? I am not a sociologist or a psychiatrist but I guess there are some pretty deep seated reasons behind the funding of the exploitation that goes on in this end of the market by the sad people who join these web sites.


Exploitation, well what do you think, would the average girl, the girl next door to you, your wife or partner let herself be beaten till she bleeds, be whipped till she is obviously in such pain that any right minded person watching this stuff would be revolted, no this is plain and simple exploitation. Some of the beatings handed out to these girls are worse than those given for judicial reasons by backwards countries who have not even begun to embrace a civilised society these girls are being used and abused for one reason and one reason only, to line the pockets of brutal sadists whose only objective is to make money.

Unfortunately these sites are outside anyone’s jurisdiction and so, like the sites run by the parasitical pirates they put themselves they are virtually untouchable, the only thing one can do is to avoid them, and those who advertise them. As to the people who look at this sort of material, I can’t help thinking that they have pretty damaged minds, maybe they are not satisfied with just the usual spanking fun, it does not give them what they need so they look to this sort of dangerous imagery to satisfy them, the problem is, what will happen when even this does not satisfy?

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4 comments to When is enough enough?

  • A couple of thoughts, writing as someone whose wife (Adele Haze) *has* actually been ‘beaten’ by one of the Eastern European producers (Lupus). As she’s written on her blog, she did it not for money – the trip left us out of pocket – but for the adventure and enjoyment of making a movie with people who are interesting, creative and responsible.

    People in the scene have different tastes. Some people enjoy giving harder whackings, some people enjoy receiving them; some people like to watch them on film. And others prefer more moderate play.

    I’d fully condone your condemnation of any sites involved in exploitation of models, or of non-consensual activity (where non-consent includes not actually understanding what they’re consenting to). I’ve written about this a fair amount on The Spanking Writers – particularly in a long thread back in February about Mood Pictures:

    I also personally dislike language that’s aggressive or demeaning towards the women being spanked – not my taste at all, although there are some women [not that many IMHO] for whom such language ‘works’ when they’re playing scenes.

    However, it strikes me that your post does make some pretty far-reaching generalisations. It strikes me that your argument would be stronger if you identified the sites to which you object so strongly – rather than making blanket criticisms – and by providing evidence to back up your (pretty serious) allegations of exploitation. That would help people to make informed decisions. Otherwise you’re casting doubt by association on the reputation of those (particularly Eastern European) producers who are ethical and sensible, and that seems to me to be unfair.

  • Suzy

    I, too, have worried about the brutal and strange sites where the woman does not look as if she has chosen to be there. Lupus has severe spankings,too, but the women very clearly enjoy the “play.”

    I like severe punishment videos, but I’ll exit any trailer where I’m unsure if the woman is being coerced.
    Thank goodness probably 99% of our fetish videos are being created by people who love what they are doing.

    My favorite site is: where all videos are free.

  • I find your opinion piece shrill, ill-conceived, and obviously based on unfounded assumptions rather than facts or personal experience. I have taken the liberty of replying to it in some detail on my blog. You can find my reply here if interested:

    Kind regards,


  • Spankman

    I’m happy to see that I’m not the only one reacting that way. I’m a great fan of spanking, and I like realistic disciplinary scenarios. But there’s a limit somewhere, I really don’t want to see somebody get abused. That’s not realistic either, for that part. Noone in their right mind would beat their daughter/wife/niece/student to a bloody pulp. Hard, realistic punishments; yes please! Cruel abuse, no thanks!

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