A Brand spanking new couple at Top site English Spankers

I think everyone will agree that we have some great home grown spanking websites in the UK. Some would say we are the leaders in this field and that our spanking, slippering, strapping and caning cannot be beaten. It is with some pride that I can say that us Brits lead the field in at least something, albeit the punishment of naughty girls and ladies bottoms.

A lot of the owners of our websites also take the part of the Spanker.  I imagine this is for a couple of reasons.  They have a great passion for spanking but also as it can keep the costs of producing spanking material down.  Some imagine that the member of their site  will be only looking at the ladies bottom so the Spanker is almost immaterial.   Whereas I can see the logic in the first part of this, I tend to disagree with the second.  I find watching the same guy, or indeed girl administering the punishment a bore.  Without realising it, they will use the same phrases over and over.  In fact, I know many people can take a dislike to a certain spanker and it would not matter if the Queen herself was draped across his knee! They would not be able to watch the film.   Thank god Top Spanking Website English Spankers seems to share my view.

English Spankers has recently employed the services of a Spanking couple, Mr and Mrs Spencer Briggs.    Both of them are new to the Spanking film industry but  have a long spanking association.  Mrs Briggs, Katie, has recently made her debut as a spankee and this film will be available shortly at RedStripe Films, a lifelong supporter of domestic discipline, Katie is no stranger to being placed over a lap for a spanking when her behaviour has slipped and has also dealt with many a naughty and deserving young lady.   Mr and Mrs Briggs make a most formidable couple!  The owner of English spankers is delighted with this couples involvement in his spanking films.   I for one, can’t wait to see this duo in action.

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