The Grimthorpe Reformatory saga continues at Sound Punishment

Sound Punishment have now started to publish their second episode in the saga of inmates at the infamous Grimthorpe Reformatory for Wayward Girls.

This Reformatory was set up in Victorian times by the martinet Jebediah Grimthorpe who had local bye-laws implemented to enable the local Magistrate’s to send girls of dubious morals and attitude to […]

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Sound Punishment announce their new film is in HD

Sound Punishment announced today that their new film starring Irish newcomer Caroline Grey “Caroline Grey gets a 1950’s punishment” was filmned on HDV camera equipment and that all new films will now be in high-resolution wide-screen format.

This enhancement in quality will be welcomed by fans of this English spanking film site. The producers also […]

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Sound Punishment début a spanking film ‘virgin’

Our sources tell us that Sound Punishment have just published a film using a petite 4’11” spanking film virgin called Lena. This is the very firsat time Lena has been spanked on film and she is a pocket-sized schoolgirl star.

I hope that the ‘Headmaster’ at Sound Punishment does not get bad back having to […]

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